Joselph Elms
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Foreword by the author

Saltcoats (Scottish Gaelic: Baile an t-Salainn) is a small town on the west coast of North Ayrshire, Scotland. The name is derived from the town's earliest industry when salt was harvested from the sea water, carried out in small cottages along the shore.

Nowadays the town is more widely known worldwide by its association with a corpus of strange and often bizarre local stories - from time travel and secret societies to ghosts and telekinesis - many of which are discussed in conspiracy theory forums across the internet.

Although largely regarded by the modern world as being a the result of superstition and myth, these myths persevere and now constitute an important part of the cultural fabric of Saltcoats and the surrounding area.

As a writer, whose family has lived and worked in this area for generations, I have strived to record these tales, which have previously only been passed down through the oral tradition.

Although I have taken a certain amount of artistic licence and have changed the names of those involved, each one of these stories is based on a well-known story which any friendly citizen of Saltcoats would immediately recognise were you to stop them on Hamilton Street and enquire.

I have called this collection 'Return To Saltcoats' and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching and compiling it.